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9.2.1A Functions & Other Relations

... Information from a Graph Vignette In the Classroom The vignette below describes a classroom activity to help students see how ...

9.2.1C Rate of Change & Translations

... Translations Vignette In the Classroom The following vignette describes a classroom where the teacher noticed that her ...

9.2.2C Graphs of Non-Linear Functions

... Graphs of Non-Linear Functions Vignette Chunkette: ... between a real-life situation and a graph. In the vignette below the teacher asks the students to use a motion detector ... Practice of Engineering

... Impact of Designed World Vignette Filtering Our Water (this vignette is also tied directly to the 4th grade Standard on Human ... Inquiry

... Methods of Investigations Vignette Classic Science ... the results of the project.  The following vignette is an example of an extended open-ended project in a biology ...

9C.2.1.2 Solubility

... 9C. Role of Solubility Vignette "Today," says Mr. ... from the latest issue of Chemmatters. (See list below vignette for ideas.) After students have finished the reading, Mr. Aqua has ... Geologic Time

... Changes in the Atmosphere Vignette Fossils The vignette from NSES Life Science Content Standard C: Fossils (pp ...

6.2.1 Variables & Representations of Relationships

... of Relationships Vignette In the Classroom   This vignette tells how students use tables, graphs, and rules to explore how ... Sound & Light

... Changes in the Travel of Light Vignette Ms. Smith has several ... to see if they needed to change their old ideas. Vignette adapted from the following article: Matkins, J., & McDonnough, ... Scientists

... Evidence to Support Claims Vignette See National ... Academies Press to read book on-line for the following vignette on earthworms. Ms. F. is planning and teaching a unit that ...