Brief overview of other tools


●     Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

○     Overview - GIS is a computer system that stores information about geographic locations and then display the information in map form.

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●     Video

○     Overview - Video and online animations, like simulations, allow for students and teachers to see phenomena that can be to dangerous, remote, beyond scale (both macro and micro). Videos can also be used for differentiation to support student learning of content. Students can create and upload videos for projects as a replacement for traditional posters. Videos may also be analyzed for motion.

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                   ■Teacher Tube

                   ■You Tube

                   ■Video Analysis with Vernier

●     Interactive Whiteboards

○     Overview - An interactive white board is an electronic device that interfaces with a computer. The computer software enables teachers to add text, videos, pictures, audios, graphs, animation, games and jigsaw activities into their instruction in order to address all students' needs.

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                    ■SMART software

                    ■Promethean software

●     Other Web 2.0 Tools